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Irandam ulagam

I saw this movie “Irandam Ulagam”, in theater. I expected this movie for long days due to feel the special effects. This movie proved this special effects by differentiating two worlds (our world & exo world) by colors used in this movie.

This movie storyline is starts in our world where love is living in ever heart, But in 2 world there is no love between human being in that world. Later hero (in our world) lost his lover by accident on that time a god in exo-world get him into 2nd world to spread love. Here (2nd world) there are same couples living but there are no love in there side. So hero from our world explain about love to the couples and started their love between each other.

Dir.Selvaragavan made a risky effort to Tamil cinema and he also show the new dimension to Tamil cinema but audience didn’t accept this story. However this is one of the Golden book on Tamil cinema Library.

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This entry was posted on November 23, 2013 by in Action, Romance, Tamil Movie.
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