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World War Z

An action Zombies movie. This story start from a normal day begins, suddenly zombies invading whole world in that a family was struggling there to escape from zombies and people crowd. later with help of a Spanish family they survive. Due to hero is a former army-man, US force call him and his family to come to safe place the they reach to a army ship. 
Then hero got a duty to safe guard a scientist to Korea but that mission fail. From there he knows Israel is a safe place for people later he fly to Jerusalem but there also safe was broken by zombies. On that time he see zombies didn’t attack emaciated peoples from there he found we can make solution. Then he fly to WHO, UK then he told this matter to the doctors and scientist in WHO and finally he finds the solution. Finally he save his family.
This movie is like 2012, every screenplay in this movie recalling 2012. how ever it is not a bad movie.

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This entry was posted on February 8, 2014 by in Action, Hollywood Movies.
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