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Goli Soda (Banta)

A Tamil movie Goli Soda (Banta), where the story start from 4 orphan boys in Koyambedu market which is called as Asia’s biggest market.Their job is to lift and transport vegetable stocks to various shops during night ans they sleep at night. Later they plan to start a own business so they started a canteen in a useless godown own by chairman in that market.Later he allowed them to start business. Then the business goes well then they started upgrade their shop. 
But chairman’s cousin rowdi use that canteen as club at night and drunken men don’t movie at early morning this makes frustrate to boys. Then the fight begins between rowdies and these boys then the track of the story changes to fast and action. Later fought against them and bring back their canteen.
The story shown way is very beautiful and and how the make shooting in that much crowded marked later this movie is one of the example that Tamil movie going outside of India movie and sights inside world movies sector.

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This entry was posted on February 19, 2014 by in Drama, Tamil Movie.
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