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300: Rise of an Empire

The movie I saw today is 300: Rise of an empire.

Before seeing this movie we need to know about some history of Greece then only we can understand this movie.
Before Alexander born there are 7 kingdoms in Greece, in that Spartans and Athenians are two countries. Spartan is under “King Leonidas” who shown in previous movie 300. Another kingdom Athenians is a democracy rule in that Themistocles(hero) is a Army General. During ‘War of Marathon’, Persian (now Turkey) king Darius invaded Greece but in that war Darius was killed. Xerxes (Persian king) was son of Darius; on revenge his father killed he invaded Greece in that two parts are of army divided in that Artemisia (the women commander) takes navy team and Xerxex take Army team. Here Xerxex takes war in Thermopylae against 300 Spartans men’s (last part movie). Parallel Artemisia takes her navy ships towards Athenians Kingdom here this movie story starts.
This movie is fully a navy war story to take a war action movie based on navy background is very tough but director handle this movie very perfectly. Compare to 300 the action sequence is less but this movie doesn’t disappoints us in action stuffs. Still wait 3rd part will come. History continues……
Remember, this is not a SEQUEL MOVIE (like continues part) and not a PREQUEL MOVIE (X-Men First Class), this movie “300: Rise of an Emperor” is a SIDEQUEL MOVIE this storyline travels parallel along with previous part 300.

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This entry was posted on March 13, 2014 by in Action, Hollywood Movies.
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