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500 days of summer [2009]

The movie I saw today “500 days of summer”A Love story, this story fully travel with random number days with beauty full screenplay. This movie start on 300th day when he broke up with a girl named Summer. Then this narration starts from day 1. 500 Days of SummerHero is a greeting card writer in that she saw a new co-staff heroin Summer (here day 1 starts). They started life as friends because Summer hates relationship behalf of their parents breakup. But Joseph Gordon-Levitt(hero) completely love her later with some incident he exposed his love then they love each other. From 270 days onwards she slightly slips with her love grip and on 300th day she make broke-up with him. Then after 300+ days hero was out of mind that shown in screenplay was interesting good here I like to appreciate Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber the screenplay writers for this movie. Later then he quit his job and search new job of his interest subject building architecture meanwhile Summer got married with another guy after 50+ days the both met one place where they met mostly during that 300 days. There they accept their each-other thought this makes turning point in screenplay. Later in on 500th day during his interview he met an another girl called Autumn then only he realize life moves we want travel along with them if we struck nothing will happen. The he called Autumn for coffee then his next story starts from another day-1 with Autumn.

Good movie everyone must watch this movie for this interesting neat screenplay.

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