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A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

A Good Day to Die Hard 5

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) poster

A Good Day to Die Hard is a crushing action movie comes from “Die Hard” 5th series any how this is one of the good action movie what we expect from Hollywood.

Now a days Hollywood reduced making action movies because US and Canada peoples sick with Action movie but rest of country need action from Hollywood so only last year (2013) less action movies came but I makes hit in Rest of US .This movie is one of it example in US it gained only 63 million which is lesser than this movie Budget (92 million), but out of US it grossed 240 million.

Let come into plot, there are more mistake in developing plot because in this 5th part ‘Bruce Wills‘ has 25+ year son, who not mention in previous part. Any how they mold the story that he was out of his life when he was teen. Here story starts from Bruce goes to Moscow to get his back to US. Then only later knows his son work for CIA cum spy in Russia. While his son doing his mission hid dad(Bruce) makes disturbed him without knowing he was a spy. Later they joined to gather and after loss his son’s partner. With various twist this movie has superb car chasing stunts on busy roads which is equal to “Fast and Furious 6“. And finally this movie ends with as usual screenplay where these two guys kills each and every enemy( old type ) and finish their mission and return back to US and rejoin into family.

Old type of movie but we are thirsty to see good action movie and this movie solves us thirsty. I think his son Jai Courtney may continue forth coming  part of Die-Hard


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