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40 Days and 40 night [2002]

40 days and 40 nights


The movie I saw today was “40 Days and 40 night”, After his breakup, he got some illusion like “crack on the wall” while doing sex with other girls. Then he decided to break off sex for 40 days of Lent as per god decision. During that lent days he got some friendly relationship with a pron-site blocker. Later his Lent was reaches to his co-workers the bit his plan as world wide in every pron-sites.During that time he got many sex torch form many girls.Later this lent matter reaches to his friend he loves. Then the story climax shows he finally pass his lent of 40 days or not is remaining story.

This story concept is very attractive to teens and screenplay is slightly lagging how ever story keep us interact  to see what happen in climax this is plus of this move.

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