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Thegidi 2014 [Dice]

Thegidi review

The Tamil movie I saw is Thegidi (Dice), this movie title not familiar to Tamil peoples also how ever this is Tamil word only. This is a Crime-Thriller movie. And also this became one of the hit movie of this year by audience mouth-talk.

Story starts from Hero finished his Master degree in Criminology and his passion is to be a “Detective” later he got his passion job in Chennai. And he start his job and staying along with his Chef friend. Then his job is to surveillance the subjects(persons) by following them and make report on their day to day activities to company. In that list Heroin is one of the subject later they love each-other and he didn’t complete her report to his company. One day he see a news in newspaper that one of his subject was dead accidentally and another one killed by murdered. Later he suspect himself that all his murdered made based on his report activities. Then tries to contact rest of his people who he follows. And two peoples where killed in front of his eyes, still killer is unknown. The police suspects hero from one murder and jailed him, later he tell this murders to a Policeman then they both starts investigation of this case, then only they know the Detective Agency is Fake. The rest of the story is suspense thriller.

I like to appreciate producer and director to take this movie and make good hit for Tamil Peoples. I think Tamil audience where improved by way of watching this type of standard movie so only this movie made good in boxoffice. This movies best is Camera work and Storyline which makes a finish-able thriller movie for us. After watched this movie I feel “I studied a Best Novel” like that the screenplay was well designed. For me every one must watch this movie.


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This entry was posted on April 17, 2014 by in Mystery, Tamil Movie, Thriller.
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