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Confession Of Murder

Confessions of Murder (Poster 2)This post is about my view of the Korean movie “Confession Of Murder”, the story of a Detective who lost his girlfriend by a unknown women serial-killer of 1986 to 1990 still the murderer still not found,once he chasing the murder he was stabbed by the murderer.

Then the story start is 2005 where the serial-killers’s ‘statute of limitations’ (17 years) was exceed now the murderer was ‘free to go’ as per law. On that time the murderer appear before to media and publish his autobiography book “I am the Murderer” then that book became famous in Korea. Later he became a celebrity. In same side, a group of peoples who lost his wife, mother and daughter by the serial killer 17 years ago, where plan to kidnap the killer now who became a celebrity book author. Later the group of peoples kidnap the murderer later he was saved by Detective. In one reality case study show, discussing this case in front of murderer(present author) and Detective (hero), mean while the show organized a LIVE telephone talk by public to ask the questions, on that time a person ‘J’ called to that show and tells himself was the murderer and present who is in show was fake. Here the twist starts in the story. On next show the murderer appears front of media. Rest of the story is climax.

Every one must watch this movie who like the Korean movies like ‘Chaser’ and I saw the Devil. This movie contains good screen-play and new story-line this makes the one of the best movie Korean  in 2012.

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