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Das Experiment [German]

das experiment reviewThe movie is based on the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment conducted in 1971 in USA this experiment went bad all the act prisoners got mental pressure, same concept was followed in this movie. Because when I browse for a similar German movie for Perfume then I got this movie, but it is not like that Perfume totally different and this a surveillance type of movie and not interesting like Perfume.
A Taxi Driver who saw the advisement in newspaper, and went for experiment then he selected in first round and he got as a act for prisoner. Same as some peoples select to act as prison guard. The doctor told everyone must follows real act how prisoner act and prison act. On first date everone happy prisoner and guard live happy. Later prisoner got some mental illness and start scold prisoners then prisoner got angry and they gave punishments to prisoner day by day the “Prison Experiment” became bad the the guard starts attacking all doctors who is in experiment later they also jailed by some prison guard the experiment got out of limit. The the riot start in the experimental prison. The the prisoner starting attacking the guard the everyone escape and some where helped by guard and prisoners.
This movie totally a mess because the show only prison location, repeat screenplay so we lost our patient and also less action this makes us this movie bored.

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This entry was posted on April 30, 2014 by in Action, World Movies.
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