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Secretly Greatly

Secretly GreatlyI can feel the real Korean taste from this movie. Because before 10 to 15 years there is a great trend in S.Korea movies that taking movies about war and some relation among North Korea and South Korea later the trend is changed now this movie renewal this trend in Korean movie.
This movie starts from a 22 year old hero from N.Korean who was specially trained by secret 5773 mission to be a spy in South Korea.
Heros role is to act as a semi-mentally challenged person and working as a assistance in a stationary shop in a slum area and living in that upstairs of his shop. Along with him in that area another co-spy also acted as a rookie guitarist. As the story going lovely suddenly N.Korean government want to terminate their secret 5773 mission so they plan to leave that spy as is as a S.Korean and let we make them as traitors, but the trainer of told to the general that we cannot make them as a traitor because they trained him for self-sacrifice to his motherland (N.Korea). Then every spy got the message to suicide because of the mission was terminated. Here the story changes abnormally way because hero has a wish to his country that if i died, country will take care his mother so other two spies along with him was waiting to suicide for this reason. In other angle S.Korean police got GPS detector from other suicide spy’s who lived in S.Korea. By tracking that S.Korean police also got more 3 more spy still alive inside S.Korea. In that one of them was caught by S.Korean police. Later the mission 5773 chief trainer (present general) came to S.Korea to meet him and also to kill. In that meeting hero asked to the general that government must to take care every spy’s family, but general replayed that every spy in this mission is taken as a traitor in N.Korera and their family will not be take care by govt. Then hero and his co-spy got angry meanwhile S.Korean police also trace this meeting and go to that place. Hero and his co-spy fight against them and killed the general (past trainer) and some N.Korean officer later they got by S.Korean SWAT team but also hero killed himself to be not caught by S.Korean.
This movie show how people honour their motherland N.Korean even to die but higher official in that country not recognize their feelings and not caring about citizen but spending more public money to threatening other country.


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