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My Mighty Princess

My_Mighty_Princess_film_posterThis is review is about a 2008 Korean Action-Comedy movie “My Mighty Princess” (무림여대생) even though this movie flopped in screen in Korea due to released delays for 2 years, but his movie was widely accepted as an average action-comedy movie with Korean flavours.

This story starts from a girl called So-hwi who was specially born in a martial art family and trained as a martial arts student and also has some super-human skills. And also playing a major role in School Drama later that drama brings her bad impression to her so she decided to give-up her martial arts and begin a new life as a normal human. On that time she fell crush on her school Ice-Hockey player ‘Joon-mo’.Later she decided to join as a apprentices for Ice-Hockey club.

But her father was sad about her martial art give up and all four old Grand-Master meets to gather and talk about a villain ‘Heuk-bong’ who kills all old Grand-Masters one by one by his Poisonous stroke powers. And also they talked about her daughter So-hwi and co-masters son Il-yeong. This Il-yeng and So-hwi was friend in martial arts school at young.

When So-hwi fells crush on Joon-mo later Il-yeong appears in his school to see her to renewal their friendship. By the way Joon-mo was fell crush on a police women (who saved his life) who was double than his age but she was rejects her love. Later So-hwi and Il-yeong saved police women and Joon-mo in one fight against mafia group. Later So-hwi joins as a goal keeper in her school and shined by tackling balls by her martial arts.

Meanwhile one of the Grand-Master killed by Heuk-bong and warns everyone to kill. Later So-hwi’s Father called Heuk-bong to fight then Il-yeong appear there instead of Heuk-bong and fight against So-hwi’s father and hardly attacked him and after fight Il-yoeng save him to hospital. Then the flash-back start in Il-yoeng was hypnotic by Heuk-bong and he dead without set yoeng from that hipnotices. Later His father tells So-hwi about her mother that her mother can only attack Heuk-bong with her Lightning power but she dead now So-hwi has mother blood power so if you trained that Lightning power you can kill Heuk-bong.

After So-hwi got that Lightning power and call Heuk-bong for fight then only she know that Heuk-bong was dead and Il-yoeng was fighting instead of him by Heuk-bong magic hypnotics. Later long fight from Soi-hwi and Il-yoeng she controled his power and removed his hypnotics from Il-young. That’s all movie ends (happy ending).

This movie started in good manner as cute Korean Action-Comedy later in 2nd half martial art added in this story and makes this movie very boring and lost its flow and makes us feel when this movie will end.


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