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Attack The Block (2011)

My movie review is about a Brittan movie (not Hollywood but English) “Attack the Block”. This is simple and low budget alien invader movie with more interesting screenplay, this movie lies on one night story and the location also taken in single area Brixton, South-London.

On the bonfire Night (like Diwali) a small group of teenagers mugged a nurse Samantha Adams. On that time suddenly a meteorite falls from the sky and hit nearby the car that time nurse Samantha escape from the teen gang, the that teen gang went to see the wricked car in that a blue colour dog size alien strike a gang leader Mosses and escape from then and hidden in that bathroom then these gang of teens arrack and kill that alien and moves to the Block (their Apartment) and show to their local gangster Hi-Hatz and place the alien into Hatz “Weed Room” (a closed room fully illegally planted with Ganja) and that Hatz make Mosses(teen gang leader) to join to his group.

Later that teen group enjoyed that night suddenly they saw many meteorite falls from the sky then the group packed some weapons like sword and crackers etc. Meanwhile the nurse Samantha files case to police that a gang of Teen in Brixton mugged her. When a gang of teen went to hunt suddenly the police caught Mosses and put into police vehicle where Samantha also in that vehicle. Suddenly an Alien with gorilla sized attack the vehicle and 2 police and killed them. Later the other gang peoples saw that there many Gorilla sized eye-less aliens are there and reach the police vehicles and throw the bomb (cracker) that’s make then smoke and escape from that place by police car and accidently hits Hatz car then Hatz became angry and show up his gun to the teen gangs and one of the tells that a Alien is following us but Hatz not believed their words. Suddenly the teens saw an alien behind Hatz car and Hatz allows his friend to see back side of his car suddenly that Alien killed Hatz friend and Hatz shoot that Alien and killed that. That time the teen Boys escape from Hatz, and Hatz also angry on both Alien and teen boys.

Then they went to neighbour girls house there also many alien follows that boys and two aliens comes into that girls house and arrack the boys in that One boy was killed by alien and Mosses killed that two aliens. And one of them was injured and they went to nurse house and collected some weapons and crackers and they plan to reach to Hatz house because there only that first-killed Alien is there in his weeds-room. Finally they reach in to the weed room along with Samantha. Later they saw in Ultraviolet light that the blood glow and Mosses and rest of gang members body also glows. Then only they realise that the kills a female so that fragrance smell fell in to our body so only that Male alien follows and kills us to reach that women alien. The checked Samantha body that any glow is there in her body, and found there is no glow in her body and send her to another room where the aliens are there then Samantha collected some crackers and switch on the gas without that aliens knowledge then she reach back to weeds-room.


Climax seen when all male alien follows Mosses when he tied the female alien on his back

Then Mosses plan to kill that alien by wearing that female ties on his back and run to the room where the gas was released the mosses runs fast then aliens also reached to that room and Mosses throw that female Alien then he reached to that rooms balcony and fire on the rocket cracker and target to the gas then the room blast totally and mosses escaped from that blast and all alien were killed and Fire Department save mosses from that apartment.

This was a fully a teens movie with casual action and casual reaction on teens face even that is alien they were dare to kill then casually and movie full with Rap and hip-hop music’s gives good tempo to this movie. With tight and interesting screenplay and cinematography this movie makes me interesting.


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