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Celluloid (J.C.Daniel)

celluloid malayalamMy review on a 2013 Malayalam Movie “Celluloid” the technical name of ‘Film’ (film roll).This is an autobiography of J.C.Daniel who produce first Malayalam Silent movie during 1930’s but that was removed from history of Malayalam Cinema, because this movie was not released successfully in Kerala to some cultural issues over his movie and he lost his many properties behalf of spend money for this first Malayalam movie.

This movie start from a rich landlord from Kerala who went to Bombay and Madras for business trip during 1927, in there he found many silent movies taken in Hindi and Tamil. Later he decided to make a movie based on Kerala culture then he ask doubt to Hindi Producer Phalke later Tamil Producer Natraja Mudhalayar who made First Silent movies in Hindi and Tamil language. The Natraja Mudhalayar advised him how to make movie and he introduced an British Cameraman. Then he sold most of his property and brought camera, film (celluloid) and studios. Later for he searched some girls for Heroin character but no high Class peoples came forward in front of camera later he decided to bring Anglo-Indian girl but she asked more money so J.C.Daniel decided to act a low class girl for a High class girl character. Then movie finished successfully on the first day of released some high class peoples opposed this movie and the Cinema hall became riot then same problem formed various area were he screened his movie. For that he was bankruptcy and left that town and started new life by studied Dentist surgeon and became a successful doctor in his new town. Then he heard a movie name “Balan”, was the first film released 1950 in Malayalam language (a sound movie). After he became rich he resumes his dream to take a movie but that movie was also flopped and lost all his property remaining property also.

celluloid in tamil

Then a cinema journalist in 1970’s who knows rarely about J.C.Daniel story by mouth-talk, accidently he saw him on one day and that journalist followed him and ask him about his movie, then he written a article on J.C.Daniel on newspaper and he later he describe that the history was written wrong that ‘Balan’ was not first movie in Malayalam J.C.Daniel’s “The Lost Child” was the first movie in Malayalam which was taken before 20 years since “Balan” was released. The Malayalam government not accept journalist word about J.C.Daniel’s movie because there is no proof about this movie except movie posters because that this movies film reel was destroyed accidently by his J.C.Daniel’s younger son when he was kid. Later Kerala Movie Corporation accepts J.C.Danial’s “The Lost Chile” was first Malayalam silent movie in 2000 but J.C.Daniel was died in 1974 as unknown poor man.

On 2000 in a Honour function for J.C.Daniel organized by Kerala Cinema Corporation. In that the younger son of J.C.Daniel came in front of stage and aspect his mistake because he only destroyed J.C.Daniel’s movie film when he was kid and tells his daddy dream came true that in only in Cinema field there in no Cast variation between peoples.

This is the perfect auto-biography movie with good screenplay and this movie rewritten the history of a Nobel man who started first motion picture in Malayalam Language. And this movie is a Tribute for J.C.Daniel. Actor Prithive Raj acted well in J.C.Daniel character and stay in our heart.


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