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Her (2013)

_ herMy review about the movie which won Academy award for best screenplay “Her” a 2025 futuristic movie about an introvert man who fell virtual love with an new introduced advance computer operating system which can talk like a human and feels the humans thought.

Here the story starts with a divorced man Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) who was working as a personal poetry letter writer in a corporate company. One day in one Technological exhibition , he decided to buy that new advanced OS, then he customize in female voice and character then that OS named herself as Samantha (Only voice by Scarlett Johansson). Due to Samantha’s brilliance and he was alone, later Theodore fell love with Samantha (OS) virtually and he spend most of his time with Samantha after finish his work. Then later he realist that his love is virtual not natural then he asked to Samantha that “I am only love you currently” but Samantha replay not nearly 100+ men’s are currently in love with me. Then Samantha realise herself that she is hurting a human felling and that OS (Samantha) decided to stop taking and formatted her data completely because Theodore fell deeply into a virtual love.

That’s all this is a short story line, here this movie travel with great screenplay so only this got Oscar for best screenplay. Many movies tries this type is virtual love story using e-chat, phones and postal letter but there human loves each other. But in this movie an OS (computer) or Artificial Intelligence was his virtual girlfriend. The voice given by Scarlett Johansson for Samantha (OS) gets into our heart. Really hats of for this creative story and screenplay this makes Hollywood movies always top to take these kinds if futuristic love dramas.


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This entry was posted on June 6, 2014 by in Drama, Hollywood Movies, Romance.
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