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The Lego Movie (2014)

Lego-Movie1My review about this year’s most successful animation movie “The Lego Movie”, this is the Lego type of animation which is similar to “Toy story” movies. Which is consider as biggest commercial hit in USA and it grossed nearly $550 million in worldwide from this movie budget of $6o million.

The story starts from an ordinary construction worker Emmet who follows universal moral rules like wishing, be smiled face and respect others. In one day he saw some girl searching something in this constriction site while following her accidently he fell in to a hole and find an object called “piece of resistance” (which is a cap of glue gel). And he became unconscious and while he wake up he saw the piece if resistance fix backside without his knowledge. Later Bad-guy cop arrested him for that piece of resistance. Suddenly a supergirl (who he saw in construction site) fought with ever security and escaped him from that place and get him Emmet to Old west place there he met Wizard Vitruvius who wait for the person who has that “Piece of Resistance” the he formed a meeting in front of many legends and super heroes in another “Cloud Cuckoo Land” then only every one found that Emmet is not “the Special”, he just an ordinary guy with no creative skills, then peoples opposed him that he cannot save the universe even though he has the ‘piece of resistance’, then everyone in that meeting went away.

Then the Flash back told by Vitruvius that President Business has that “Karle”(glue) using this he can destroy this Lego universe. Then Emmet accepts his challenge to be great builder and terminate that Kragle using his ‘piece of resistance’. And Emmet, Batman, Vitruvius and some other super heroes went to that place where Precedent Business was building a robot army to destroy the universe and same he prisoned some Great builders and super heroes that place. While rescue all prisoned superhero he fell into a mystery hole and he exit from Lego universe and came to our real world where a human boy creating this whole story for Lego universe from help of him he went back to Lego universe and to his place where Precedent Business destroying his town using robots. The using his moral he converts Precedent Business as kind man also and precedent confess his entire fault shut down his entire robot which destroying Lego universe.

This movie contains Boasting beautiful animation, a charming voice cast, laugh-a-minute gags, and a surprisingly thoughtful story. This enough to make a great movie This movie contain all we have and animation and its direction is super, because we feel everything shows as Lego moves so we feel we saw a natural Lego acting front of us. A beautiful story and message it kids and all age group and remembers Toy story for us.


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This entry was posted on June 10, 2014 by in Animation, Comedy.
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