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Mamam 2014

manamMy movie review about an odd Telugu movie “Manam”, which is consider as a blockbuster of this year. For me this movie Manam is like Bollywood block buster movie “Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum” in this movie many stars acted as family same as in Manam 3 generation of One cini celebrity family acted in this movie in inverse blood relation, like how Amithab Bachhan acted a son of his own son Abishak Bachan in a bollywood movie “Paa”. Like that this movie storyline also reversed in blood line. Where Nagaarjuna acted in the role name of “Nageswara Rao”, Nageswara Rao acted in the role name of “Chaitanya” and Naga Chaitanya acted in the role name of “Nagarjuna” quite interesting and tricky isn’t it? Same as the storyline also quite interesting.

Let we see the plot, Nageswar Rao (Nagarjuna) was a most successful businessman in India and also single. One day he met a Nagarjuna (Naga Chaitanya) a college guy next to his seat in plane. He just looks exactly like Nageswar Rao’s Father “Radha Mohan” who was dead in car accident along with his wife” Krishna Veni” when Nageswar Row was about 7 years old. Later Nageswar Rao concluded himself that he met a person who look exactly like his dad (as re-born) living in present world means same as exactly like his mom, a girl (as re-born) must live in present world. Then after he finds that girl exactly similar as his mom, while he followings her then both introduce themselves and became friends each other. Later Nageswar Rao plans to re-join his mom and dad who living in this present world as Priya and Nagarjuna representatively.

One day Nageshwar Rao (Nagarjuna) met Dr.Anjali and he fell love at first sight, she asked Rao for Emergency to save an old man who fell unconscious on road and she insist him to follow ambulance and to reach to hospital and he donate blood to that old man. Later when that old man “Chathaniya” (Nagaeswar Rao) recovered to conscious stage and saw both Rao and Dr.Anjali talking together looks exactly as his parents who dead during 1940’s when that old man was young. Then this old man likes to re-join his parents who living in present world as Nageshwar Rao (Nagarjuna) and Dr.Anjali. Finally this movie climaxed with sharp and happy ending.

Why I denote as an odd Telugu movie in my first sentence of this post because this movie contains a beauty storyline and perfect screenplay which makes odd compare to other masala Telugu movies. One interesting thing in this movie is there is no action sequence in this movie because mostly in Telugu movie there will be sure a mass action fight but this movie is totally out of Telugu atmosphere and travels with good direction. This movie became beautifully because of these 3-gen family stars Nageshwar Rao, Nagarjuna and Naga Chaithanya acted in same movie with reversed bloodline character and last but last least to the Dir. Vikram Kumar who written, screenplay and directed this movie in beautifull manner makes totally Outstanding for 180 min. At the end they dedicate this movie to late A.Nageswar Rao who acted as Chathaniya (oldman)makes us little bit heart touching.


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