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Beautiful Creatures

beautiful_creaturesToday my movie review about an American romantic fantasy movie “Beautiful Creatures”, this movie consider as flop in worldwide because peoples thinks this is same as Twilight series and also the another reason for this film flop is distributer Warner Bros didn’t release this movie as per schedule and also they didn’t give much idea expose to this movie. After this rolled out from the box-office later due to some positive review this movie sale got high in DVD sales. This is the fate of tis kinds of movie. Before see this movie plot this this is slightly not like Twilight which as Vampires and Werewolf’s inserted of this they introduced new creatures called “casters” these caster are come from blood line like werewolf’s, these casters are same as witch who can perform magical spell and do any natural illusions.

Here the story starts form a boy Ethan who lost his mother, reading banned books, and daily wakeups from same dream in that he saw a girl covered his face with her hair, after he wakeups he draw that girl who saw in his dream. Later Ethan notice Lena as a newcomer of his junior college who looks same as his dream girl. But rest of his class pupils goofs in front of Lena the she was witch. But Ethan fells love with Lena in his first sight. One day Ethan got chance to drive his car to Lena’s house along with Lena later and saw Macon who was uncle of Lena and also his Guardian. Next day Ethan went to Lena’s house and saw Lena was lone and spend some friendly time with her. Then Macon notice Ethan with Lena and warns him to avoid Lena but Ethan replayed he was fell love with Lena. One day Ethan found a historical locked which is printed 1819 which is during American civil war period.

One day Lena explained to Ethan that she was a “caster” and when these peoples got 16 then they became full caster but there is problem in that because during American civil war her ancestors, caster Genevieve and mortal Confederate soldier Ethan Carter Wate were in love. Ethan Carter was shot in battle, and Genevieve revived him using a forbidden spell that caused her to go dark and curse all the Duchannes family’s women this cause Lena may go to dark or light if light means they be a good casters else she turn to evil witch which makes problem to Ethan also. But Ethan replayed that her love was pure and you not go for dark caster. Amma, who was friend of Ethan’s late mother and town librarian who also manages caster’s secret library. Later Ethan asks some doubt to Amma later she took Ethan and Lena to casters Secret library while Lena went there she unlocked another door which was look for more year, that unlocked room contains valuable spell books. The Leans started reading that book and learn how to lock that forbidden spell, used but his ancestor Genevieve.

The Genevieve appears before Macon and challenged him she will change Lena as dark caster. On the day of Civil War reenactment of the Battle of Honey Hill, Ethan wearing old shoulder costume and his friend was Genevieve shoot Ethan with his gun. Than same Lena has 16th birthday ceremony also takes place, Genevieve thinks if Lena saw Ethan dead she will, then Lena will unlocks the forbidden spell and she became dark, when leans went there Ethan transforms into Macon to become the needed sacrifice when Lena gets caster. Then Lena pulls out Genevieve and seals her sprit away. And also Lena clears every thought about her from Ethan’s Mind.

After 6 months Ethan went to Library to see Amma in there he met Lena as common classmate and tells him leaving this town and going for higher studies in NYU. The Lena gave her a book as “get out of town presents”. When Ethan going out of town he saw burned welcome sign which made by Lena and Ethan’s remember all. Meanwhile Lena studding casters book as half dark/light caster, Ethan stopped his car and Shouted loudly Lena (than means he remember everything) then Lena’s dark side gone from his eyes, then movie Ended.

For me this teen movie where this movie accepted out of USA because for foreigners this movie is new but for Americans this is parallel to Twilight and Vamp air Dairies (serial) as old pickle. But as a non-American I loves this movie but the ending of this movie not full fill my heart when I consider this as a Romantic movie. Any how this movie is a good approach by LaGravenese, who make some innovative pictured movie and to make a parallel movie for teens.


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This entry was posted on June 23, 2014 by in Drama, Romance, Thriller.
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