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Joint Security Area (JSA)

Today my review is about a Korean movie “Joint Security Area” (JSA), this is an area maintained by UNO with the direct help of Switzerland and Sweden Army which is situated between N.Korea and S.Korea borders. This is case investigation movie that happen on October 28, 1999. And for me one of the best movie from Korea and I recommend everyone to watch this movie, but foreign peoples slightly want to know about history between two Korean countries then only we can understand.

This movie starts form a shooting incident happen on border of N.Korean Check post and injured Sergeant Lee (S.Korean) run from N.Korean Check post to his S.Korean Check post and alarm rings then many shoulders from both sides starting firing between each other.

Then 2 days later a Korean accent army women Major Sophie E. Jean came from Switzerland who know to speak Korean language too came to JSA for investigation the firing incident which happen in check post. First Major Sophie E. Jean starts Investigation from a N.Korean Sergeant Oh who was on the spot in that incident and also injured on his right Arm by gun short, was tell his flash back that while we talking with my senior general on Oct 28 Sergeant Lee (S.Korean) came crossed border bridge and came to our (N.Korean) check post and fired all of us in that our Private Jeong and Senior General died and Sergeant Lee was also injured and then he ran back to his Check post (S.Korea), after 2 min many army troops from both sides came , then fire starts.

And Major Sophie started investigate Sergeant Lee and Private Nam who worked in that Border check post for S.Korea in that Sergeant Lee is suspected as murderer of two N.Korean army man. In that Investigation murder Sergeant Lee tells when he went to toilet in open area on that night two N.Korean army men grabbed him and knot his hand on back and pull him into N.Korean check post while he try to escape from them he shoot that 3 army men’s in that 2 was dead there after his bullets empty he escaped from that N.Korean check post and moved to his S.Korean check post and many troop from both end came to that spot and cessed fire on both side. After Sergeant Lee investigation, Major Sophie started investigate another S.Korean army men who was on that spot but suddenly he got panic and try to make suicide and fell from balcony and became coma.

And she organized make direct a talk between both Sergeant Oh (N.Korean) and Sergeant Lee (S.Korean), who was suspected as murderer of 2 N.Korean army men. But that meeting was failed due to Sergeant Oh (N.Korean) started angry on him and started fighting on him. Later she concluded that there is another story going between these two peoples.

Later Sergeant Lee calls Major Sophie for a personal talk. In that he told true story between these two check post officers. One day while he went for supervise the border without his knowledge he crossed S.Korean border and landed on N.Korea an also he leap his leg on landmine the he totally stuck there on the same time N.Korean 2 securities (Sergeant Oh and Private Jeong) who working on border check post came there and see that S.Korean Sergeant Lee crossed his border and leaped his leg on their landmine. The N.Korean Sergeant Oh helped him and unlock that landmine and let him free. 2 days later at 3am night Sergeant Lee went to N.Korean security check post office and thank both from saved his life from landmine and Private Jeong asked him for dinner with them and on that night Sergeant Lee became friend for both N.Korean army men.

Then Lee goes N.Korean Check post on every night when his co-army Private Nam fell asleep. One day his Nam saw that Lee was crossing border then later, that Private Nam also joined with him and became friend ton that 2 N.Koreans and then every night these 4 peoples meet inside N.Korean check post room. One day they all 4 make a party for Private Jeong’s birthday on that day , suddenly one higher official from N.Korea came there to Check post for inspect where 4 of them has party and General saw 2 S.Korean army men inside taking with N.Korean securities and there higher official raised his gun on both S.Korean. Then that 2 S.Korean also raised their gun on him, Sergeant Oh who was friend of 2 S.Korean army men calm both and his higher officer and lay down his gun. Then his higher officer like to take his walki-talky but one of the S.Korean wrongly thinks he taking gun then Private Nam shot General then Private Jeong also shot him. In that Private Nam and General was down then Sergeant Oh said this is an accident don’t make this big and let Sergeant Lee and Private Nam go backed to their check post and before that Sergeant Oh general want to shoot him to make this as official attack. After Lee finish this story to Major Sophie and asked her to don’t tell to any one as Sergeant Oh wish. Later when Sergeant Lee suicides himself by his gun then the movie ended.

For me this movie is consider as one of the top 10 movie in Korean movie history because this storyline is totally different and also the screenplay. This movie shows something indirectly that common peoples in both Korea wish to join but due to political issue between Capitalism and Communism make peoples divided and also they denoted the war between N.Korea and S.Korea during 1950 is like “Civil was inside Civil war”. For me this movie is totally awesome, because how the Joint Area Security feels while they watching each other every day without talking. And shows how friendship between two army men forms and how they react when war started each other.


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