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Pineapple Express

Today my review is about a 2008 buddy comedy or stoner action comedy movie “Pineapple Express“. In my laptop this movie was been idle for long days even though I know this is an comedy for my unknown reasons iIavoided this movie to watch finally I watch this movie when I like to watch “This is the End” because in this movie This is the End they denote this is the indirect sequel of Pineapple Express. So I started watching this buddy comedy, weed marijuana underground illegal business comedy movie. Let we see this movie plot,

Seth Rogan, a process server (i don’t know what that mean, something like ‘mail boy’) he got a teen aged girl-friend. And also he also addicted with marijuana and mostly he visit to his drug dealer house James Franco, to buy some weed. One day James introduces Pineapple Express a rare strain of marijuana. The he gave some to Seth. Same day Seth went Ted’s house to deliver mail, while waiting outside of Ted’s house he saw a police women went to Ted’s house with gun and later Seth witnessed that police women and Ted shoot an Asian man to dead. Then Seth panics and drive away, but he left his smoking weed in that spot by using that weed Ted find this is Pineapple Express. Seth directly drive his car to James house and told that Ted killed an Asian guy, I was witnessed but i left my pineapple express weed there so they follow you and trace you and kill you so let we escape from this town. Same Ted send two men to James’s house but James and Seth was escaped and went to nearby forest and called to Red, one of the Pineapple Express drug dealer and told his problem and told we both will come next day morning but they James and Ted fell asleep and went late to Red house at afternoon. When they went to Red’s house and Seth identified that Red was helping Ted to identify Seth and James, the James and Seth beaten Red and tied then in chair and escaped from that house and went to his girlfriend’s house and told every matter to his girlfriend and her parents also and told to clear this house quickly and just stay temporarily in a motel until i call you because in my house i written your phone number so they follow your house and they will kill all of them. Same as Ted’s persons also went to Seth’s girlfriend’s house. Later Ted’s man went to Red’s house and saw Red was tied with chair and Ted’s men asked about James and Seth, but Red replayed unknown so they shoot Red but he was not dead. Later James and Seth came there and saw ted was Red was shouted later Red gave guns to both and to attack Ted. Later James, Seth and Red went to Ted’s secret place where Pineapple Express was planted underground and destroyed their place finally this movie ends.

This fully Laugh action comedy there is no space for logics, fully interactive movie with speed screenplay with brilliant story-screenplay. And there is a myth for this movie Rogan was originally going to play Saul, but Producer Apatow suggested that Franco should play the role instead. After a table read, Rogan agreed, thus casting himself in the role of Dale Denton. But this movie is totally awesome for me. James Franco’s friendly acting and Seth’s always alert acting, rules the screen. And belive or not James Franco nominated for Golden Globe Award for best Supporting Actor. Better watchable movie and nice entertainment. If I get bored I can watch this movie 2nd time also.


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This entry was posted on June 23, 2014 by in Comedy, Hollywood Movies.
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