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This is the End

Today my movie review is about a disaster comedy movie “This Is The End” acted by Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and additionally by Emma Watson, Rihanna and many other Hollywood stars played in this movie as themselves. Unofficially this movie is the sequel of “Pineapple Express” because most peoples acted in this movie also acted in that movie also, same as this movies co-director Evan Goldberg is the director of that movie. And another interesting is Seth Rogen Directed, produced and Screen played this movie along with Evan Goldberg.

This movie Story starts from Jay Baruchel came to Los Angeles to spend time with his old friend Seth to spend time with him. Later Seth and Jay went to James Franco’s house warming party in there every Hollywood actor and actress was invited by James Franco. That time Jay and Seth also went to party and James made warm welcome to Seth and also Jonnah Hill and Craig Robinson also made a welcome Seth personally. When party goes grand, Jay fells somewhat lone so he called Seth to get some drinks, so they both went to shopping and saw some peoples directly goes to sky. Then Jay and Seth got panic and went back to James’s house and told to everyone in that party that something going bad then everyone in that house feels earth quack and everyone went out suddenly then a big whole form in front of James house in that most of the peoples fell into that pit.

Then James Franco, Johan Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson only alive in that house and collect all their foods and store in one place and went to sleep. Then in next day Danny McBride who attend the party uninvited next day he wake up quickly and collected all the food they store and cook him selves and eating James house then James wake up that someone in Kitchen and saw and quarrel with Danny that we are keeping this food for survive but why you cook this food then Danny ask why, the James replied that disaster is going on outside of world everyone are died except we five. Then everyone got angry on Danny’s work. Then they started enjoy themes by making a short film about sequel of “Pineapple Express” and they watched with enjoy suddenly Emma Watson came there and drink some water and stayed but some misunderstanding between Emma and men’s then she collect all their food stuff and went away then.

Rest of them started digging James house to take two barrel of water in their basement. Finally they made it while plan to use water conjustly, but McBride wastes much of it out of spite. The group unanimously decides to vote McBride out of the house. The Jay told this is global apocalypse this happen as per Bible Revolution and rest of them was acepected Jay word. Later some quarrel happen between Hill and Jay, then Hill prays for Jay to die and is raped by a demon, but actually demon raped Hill in that night.

Next day Hill got posed by evil and rest of them tied Hill on bet and tried some exorcism attempt by Jay but it was failed later then the house was covered by fire by Hill. Then everyone out of house to pick up the car that time demon stand front of the car later Robinson sacrifice himself to save rest of three, so he diverted the demon to escape rest of three in that car, while Robinson diverting demon suddenly a white ray came from sky and suck Robinson up to heaven then rest of them understand sacrifice makes way to heaven. Later while driving come cannibal peoples mugged their car and make them as pray for that cannibal team Danny is leader. Then James volunteers to sacrifice himself to save rest two of them on that situation, suddenly same ray came from heaven and start to suck James up but it failed due to James used bad words then every cannibal peoples starts eating them, then Jay and Seth escaped from cannibals, Later 100 foot Demon approach both and then both decided to sacrifice themselves but the Heaven ray sucks Jay only not Seth but Jay holds his hands and both goes up and but suddenly the heaven pulling weeks to grab both of them later Seth decided to sacrifice to makes Jay got to heaven. While he fell directly the 100 foot demons mouth then another Haven ray came and sucks Seth above and the ray also cuts Demon into half.

The they both reached heaven, in heaven Robinson welcomed both of them on door step of heaven later they went into that heaven and movie ended with Jay wishes for the Backstreet Boys and the band performs “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” in a heavenly party.

This movie is totally fun, energetic, self-deprecating performances by actors makes good entertainment for me, this is the worth watching comedy movie of this year. Anyhow telling Apocalypse in comedy way makes viral talk for audience.


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