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Vallinam (2014)

My movie review is about a Tamil sports movie “Vallinam” where this move storyline is core concentrated by college Basketball men’s vs. Cricket sportsmen’s. Because in India cricket is consider a most powerful, successful and celebrating sports. Because most people watch cricket in India and many sponsors even India has club league match also like that cricket is most popular game. But Indian watch only cricket most compare to other football. For example England, Australia and USA peoples not concentrate in only Football, they also concentrate for Hockey, Rugby and Cricket also. But in India only cricket which means 90% of people fan of cricket. In Tamil there are many sports movies came but whole start not concentrate for specific sports sometimes there will be love, friendship and other stuff also included in previous Tamil movies, but this movie full covered to sports along with enemy of same college cricket team.

This move plot start from Krishna and Shiva two best friends doing 1st year B.Sc. in St.Peter’s college, Tiruchi. The both were best forward player in their college basketball sports team. In one Inter-college tournament match when Krishna pass the ball to Shiva accidently Shiva was dead by heart attack while playing game when that ball hit on Shiva’s chest. Then in investigation police concluded that it was a normal sports accident. But Krishna feel guilty himself because by he throwing that ball to Krishna through that only he dead. Later he stopped playing basketball and also he left his college and relocated to New College, Chennai.

In that Chennai College cricket is dominated sports and they won 5 times continuously in Inter-college tournament so college allocate more money for cricket compare to other sports. In that Vamsi, an egocentric college Cricket team captain, students chairman and also son of rich man in that city. Meera who studying in same class along with Krishna, who was the girlfriend of Vamsi later she fell love with Krishna for his carrying character. And continued his 2nd year and he got set of friends in same class who were one of the basketball players in that college team due to some problem between 3rd year basketball students, the college basket team was not formed. One day Vamsi and his cricket players kept their sports stuff in basketball court while Krishna’s friends practicing basketball in same court he asked to cricket players to take that stuff from this basketball court because we are playing year. Later Vamsi came there and beat all Krishna’s friend. On same time Krishna is in college library because he avoided basketball due to his past reason. One of his friend told to Krishna that your friends are beaten by Vamsi and his men, then he got angry and went to fight with Vamsi and all his cricket players singly and in that clash he gave strong punch to Vamsi also. Later some engineers came to college and destruct their basketball court because College going to build a new cricket gallery above that court. Then Krishna and his men’s asked to Principal that in our college we give more preference to cricket because that team won many titles to our college but basketball didn’t won any title and there is no understanding between you and your seniors, after principal assured he will built another Basketball court.

Then Krishna entered into basketball and formed the team along with his senior basketball team and asked his college physical education trainer Atul Kulkarni, who was an old basketball player as their basketball coucher and they trained basketball on non-court. Meanwhile Krishna challenged to Vase if we won this tournament you stop playing cricket if we lose they we stopped playing basketball. The inter college basketball tournament begins with high publicity and price amount of $300,000 and this tournament makes huge expectation for common people due to publicities. Cricketer Vamsi’s father plans to abuse this tournament as the wish from his son Vamsi, because he doesn’t like other games neither than cricket. Even though Vamsi’s father is the partner of JK, who was the main sponsor of this Basketball tournament heat ups this tournament and players became popular. The Krishna’s Team made a hard practice in half damaged basketball tournament in their college with couch, who was also the former basketball captain of same college. Then the tournament started Krishna’s team prayed well and reached finals. On that time Vamsi’s Father’s mens beats the basketball couch before night of finals, in that couch got hurt and admitted in hospital. In finals Vellore Arts College was the opponent in that 5 are African players made by Vamsi’s father to make Krishna’s team to lose this final match and also there is no couch to guide Krishna’s Team. Final match starts Krishna’s team was not played well in first half and also the points difference also high, during break Krishna advice to their co-players to make anger to us then only we can win them, while starting this tournament we got anger after that due to publicity and media exportation me lost our anger and not we want to recollect our anger through this we expose in this second half. Later Krishna’s team players well with various tactics and won the Final match. Vamsi who waiting outside of the gallery here the winning news through FM radio, he finally realize his challenge if Krishna’s team won the tournament then Vamsi will not play the cricket ever. Then the movie ended with Krishna help a kid to through the basketball in to the basket.

This movie is full and full based on sports but there is one mandatory in Indian cinemas that is Songs some time songs also support movies screenplay but in this movie songs doesn’t fit for this movies screenplay this makes lagging the flow of movie, if the movie doesn’t have any songs, then we can tell this movie is a complete sports movie .The director holds this movie with good control and prefect direction, because this movie lead role Nakullan (Krishna) work hard himself as the basketball player for this movie is hats off. The editor he has well planned with cinematography to make perfect sports action in the screen, that’s why he got national award for best editor for this movie. Finally this is complete sports movie with strong message to peoples, sponsors and media that same as cricket there are many other sports and sportsmen in India so please other sports to reach to peoples then only we can participate other games in world level for that media and peoples want to support other sports (non-cricket) and make many other sportsman popular among Indian peoples.


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