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The Illusionist

Today my review about 2010 British-French animated comedy movie “The Illusionist”, actually this movie script is written by a French comedy genius and cinema legend Jacques Tati as a love letter from a father to his daughter, but never produced later after 54 years later Tati’s elder daughter Helga Marie-Jeanne Schiel taken this story collaborate with Henri Marquet and developed the story and made this as movie. For me I found this movie, when it is nominated in Oscar award for best animation movie in 2011, but lost to Toy Story 3.

The story was set in 1959, an unnamed magician who as the stage name “Tatischeff” who lived in Paris and he decided to move to London because peoples in Paris make him as an old and familiar magician so he decided to pack up in London in a theatre who has make a familiar Rock-band Show while intermediate he make his show but that also not workout young people’s not interested in his magic. Later he works along in bars, cafes and private parties to make little money. In one party he accepted an invitation from a drunken Scottish man where he has a pub in his village, the magician accepted his invitation and want to a remote island village in Scotland and for a week he do his magical plays in that pub that was appreciate by the old peoples who coming to that pub this make him happy because peoples in that area appreciate his talent later a week the bar owner gave him money, later he decided to go back to London along with him a pub servant girl Alice went to along with the magician to London.

When the magician and Alice reached to London, he booked a Guest house favoured by other fading performers like acrobats, a clone and a ventriloquist. When magician went to and play, Alice will make food for him in his guest house and she go around the city meanwhile. On that time, she met a young man and both fell love each other. One day the Magician saw Alice walking with a young man. The he feel that now a days the Magic was totally old no peoples not interested in magic and the magician was tuff to make money so he write a letter to Alice and kept in the table of the guest house and he levee the city. While Alice read the letter “Magician do not Exit” then Alice went with his boy-friend. On the way to another city in train along with his magical equipment, he makes a small trick to a boy in the train. In the movie end with the Theatre in London who show the like play and magic trick was faded and shows a ventriloquist doll was in second hand sale with $0 cost.

Before see this movie let me clear this is not “The Illusionist (2006)” a non-carton magical movie, this is cartoon movie. This movie tells that a great artist once will go down because their trick became old day by day due to new peoples came with new artistic skill. Then during 1950’s there are name liver performer but they was quickly faded because of musical band and Cinemas and peoples interest was also switch to that new technology entertainments. This movie tells us we are supporting artist for us entertainment later we throw them out of our mind and later they became unfamiliar they been an unsuccessful man in his whole life. About my critics this is fully an artistic-cartoon movie which has little comedy, less dialog and great message to us, that how the stage performers in those days lives rest of their life. Peoples who like a slow screenplay and patient to see award type movies; this is one of the unforgettable movies in your mind.


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