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kochadiiyaan posterToday my movie review about a Tamil Historical fiction-action animation film “Kochadiiyaan” which was the first Indian Motion-Capturing like Avatar and Tin tin. Which acted by Indian famous Superstar ‘Rajanikanth’. This movie is actually like to take as Rana an non-animation action movie but Director K.S.Ravikumar, but due to illness of Rajanikanth and he can’t do risky stunt so Rana was dropped later Rajanikanth’s Daughter Soundarya taken the Script of K.S.Ravikumar’s Prequel of Rana movie called this Kochadiiyaan and she choose this movie to take in Animation later she decide to take this movie in Motion-Capture technology. Actually Rajanikanth has millions of fans in India especially in South India because he was famous for his peculiar acting style and also he was one of the high paid actors in India. Even though there are some animation movie taken India but nothing get attraction and succeeded in box office because most of Indians mind-set was 3D animation movie is same as cartoon so it is children movie. Even though many Hollywood animation movie will dubbed in Indian Languages compare to other Hollywood action movies. But Kochadiiyaan brakes this mind-set from Indian audience and makes clears 3D animation movie can watchable for every age group peoples due to Rajanikanth acted virtually in this movie.

Here we see the plot of this movie. There are two Kingdoms in South India, Kottaipattinam and their bitter rival kingdom Kalingapuri. Both kingdom ware rival for many generations, during 9 century Kottaipattinam was ruled by Rishikodagan on that time, that kingdoms Kochadiiyaan was the Commander-in-Chief who was expand the area of Kottaipaddinam by winning many war and become popular than their king among the kingdom citizens. This made King Rishikodagan jealous of Kochadaiiyaan. One day while return back to his home country from Arabia by bringing war horses and weapons in ship. Warriors from Kalingapuri peoples attacked Kochadaiiyaan and his crew members that time Kochadiiyaan and his men’s fought against them and safe their ships. Later some of their crews get illness due to poison mixed in food by Kalingapuri warriors. So Kochadiiyaan decided to turn his ship take close enough for medicine so they reached near sea port which is under Kalingapuri Kingdom then Kochadiiyaan and his ship reach that seaport, but Kalingapuri King and his warriors covered him. Kochadiiyaan asked to Kalingapuri King Mahendran to save his peoples from their poison. Raja Mahendran in turn cunningly asked Kochadaiiyaan to leave all the horses, ammunition and the sick army men in Kalingapuri with a promise to cure them and keep them as slaves instead. Kochadaiiyaan thought that his men rather be alive as slaves than die from poisoning, and also felt that when they officially wage a war in the near future, all of them could be easily rescued. Then Kochadiiyaan came back alone from Kalingapuri to his mother land Kottaipattinam. Then King Rishikodagan made Kochadiiyaan as traitor because he left all his peoples as slave to his rival kingdom. Then peoples also called Kochadiiyaan as traitor and King judged his to executed to be a traitor of his country. Before executed Kochadiiyaan asked to one of his twin son Rana to rescue our motherland warrior back to our country as his last wish. The he executed in front of his family.

Then Rana left the kingdom in young age and reached to Kalingapuri as an orphan and reached became a warrior of Kalingapuri Kingdom then he became the Commander-in-Chief of Kalingapuri. Then only he saw his mother countries warriors (who were left by his father), now they work as the slaves in underground gold mine. The he advice his friend who was the prince of Kalingapuri to gather this slaves and put them into our army as front standing army. The Rana invaded many countries with slaves and warriors made the win to many countries. Later Rana asked to the king of Kalingapuri to invade Kottaiyapattinam, and then he accepted his words. During war against Kottaipattinam, Rana asked his private troop (the slaves) to join with his motherland troops and Rana also joined with his old motherland (Kottaipattinam) troop and send back the Kalingapuri troop peacefully. And the Kottaipattinam warriors and old warriors (who slaves by Kalingapuri kingdom) reached back to his motherland. Then peoples in Kottaipattinam praised Rana who rescue their warriors back to his mother after 15 years. Then Rana fulfils his father Kochadiiyaan’s last wish, then he reunited to family of younger sister and uncle, the here the late news of his mother dead and his twin brother Seana also missing. Then Rana was jailed by king Rishikodagan to attempting him to kill. Later Rana tells his father’s story to the princes of that kingdom, how his father died by the jealous of King Rishikodagan during that time. Then King Rishikodagan makes a peace treaty with his rival kingdom Kalingapuri that to marry his daughter with the prince of Kalingapuri and annex his kingdom under Kalingapuri. The Rana escaped from jail and reached the warzone where the open stage marriage also being held there between King Rishikodagan’s daughter and Kalingapuri’s Prince. Then Rana appear in front of peoples and tells king Rishikodagan is traitor by annexing our country under our rival country. King Rishikodagan executed Rana’s father Kochadiiyaan by left his warriors to that country. So Rana tells King Rishikodagan to execute and peoples also supported his Rana’s words. The Kalingapuri King became angry and started war against Kottaipattinam. Then Rana and his united army fought against Kottaipattinam and send back his troops from war field. Then Rana executed king Rishikodagan for unjustly killing his father. At the end his twin brother Sena appear front of Rana and movie ended as to be continued.

For me this movie contains a good story which leads to make a better sequel to make the movie Rana. But motion-capture technology helps only to feel the character for Rajani and Nazar character but other character will not recognized for us, while they talking then only you recognize who are acting in that character in during motion capturing like that graphics and animation is very low and initially they starter this movie in normal 3D animation later they changed this into Motion-Graphics so this made more delay and more budget for this movie. Then about songs, A.R.Rahman didn’t make any hit song in this movie but song perfectly fit for this movie but for 180 min movie nearly 5 songs eats 20 min and also makes audience patients. Finally this movie is a big risk to take in animation which is new to common peoples in India, but Rajani’s explosion makes this movie as more expectation to peoples but it not fulfils the people’s expectation by lack of animation and more number of songs. Any how the India became aware of animation from this movie onwards and stunts and dance used in this movies shows the importance of motion-capture and main hats off to K.S.Ravikumar who written and screenplay as a great story for Rajani’s heroism & his style and ended with sequel order this makes this movie as not great movie but good movie for Rajanikanth’s fans.


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