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Side Effects

Today my review is about 2013 psychological suspense thriller movie “Side Effect” directed by Steven Soderbergh, who was famous by directing Oceans Trilogy. This movie fully runs with some medical terms, doctors, psychological problems and medical drugs. If you are interested in Hitchcock movie you would like this movie.side effect

This movie plot start with Emily received his husband Martin after serving 4 years in prison. But Emily has some psychological worries about his husband. Emily drives her car into a concrete wall in an apparent suicide attempt. Then she met Dr.Banks and told her problem and her loss of minds. Then Dr.Banks put her into course of medicines and Emily told her previous psychiatrist Dr. Victoria who cares her before psychological problems. One day in Doctors meeting Dr.Banks met Dr. Victoria and she prefers a drug called Ablixa. The Dr.Banks also re-prescribes her drug to Ablixa. On that night of she takes the drug Ablixa she feels good and got the side-effects as sleepwalking. On that mid night Emily got sleepwalks and do cooking then her husband saw her sleepwalking on that night .Next day Emily and Martin went to Dr.Banks ant tells about his side-effects about sleep walking. And Dr.Banks prefers to continue Ablixa along with some sleeping tablets. One evening Emily stabs her husband Martin while in sleepwalking and make him dead, after he dead in that spot, she went back to bed to sleep.

Later she wakeup from bed saw her husband was dead then she call the police the police investigate starts, by the evidence and finger print police declare that she is the murderer but she tells I am not the victim I don’t know how he was dead, that time I was in sleep. Later the investigation starts with Dr.Banks later police declare she was in physiological problem and due to Ablixa tablet she got sleepwalking during that time she stabbed her husband without her knowledge. Due to this case Dr.Banks got wrong name from his clients and patient and media, press surrounded him and asks about Emily case this makes him impatient to do his work. Later Dr.Bank finds there is something personnel relation between Emily and her previous psychiatrist Dr.Victoria. Later court judged Emily the she got psychological problem and the murder in consider as accident after her treatment she set to by free and also court pealed guilty to Dr.Banks to prescribe overdose drug. Later Dr.Bank got special permission from court to investigate and treatment for Emily in jail. The Dr.Bank asked some question to Emily in jail by sleeping dose and she told her pervious problem and she love her husband very much. After investigation finishe Dr.Bank found she telling lie because Dr.Bank inject only distilled water not and any sleeping drug during investigation. This made him strong that Emily was acting like a psychological problem women.

Later Dr.Banks made a drama between Dr.Victoria and Emily. One day Dr.Banks calls Emily for shock treatment to reduce her stress the Emily got fear and agree to tell lies behind she and Dr. Victoria. Emily reveals her story 3 years before: she enjoyed the opulent lifestyle she had with Martin and hated him for causing her to lose it when he went to jail. She specifically went to Victoria for counselling as she, too, had been abandoned by her husband, and then Emily and Dr.Victoria became lovers. Emily taught Victoria about the workings of the financial world, while Victoria taught Emily how to fake psychiatric disorders. They then went to elaborate means to fake the side effects of Ablixa in order to manipulate the stock prices of the drug’s manufacturer and its competitor, allowing the duo to become rich in the process, also how to kill Martin, how to break the law in psychological way.

Then as the permission from court Dr.Bank set Emily free and sent Emily to Dr.Victoria as spy and police found Victoria was the suspect who changed Emily has to kill her husband. Later Dr.Victoria was jailed, later Emily also send back to Mental hospital.


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