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Yaamirukka Bayamey

Yaamirukka BayameyToday my movie review is about a 2014 Tamil horror comedy movie “Yaamirukka Bayamey” means ‘fear of me’. This movie released with small expectation in its first week in cinema because on same date another movie was ” Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham” released with huge expectation, but later by audience ‘mouth-talk’ this Yaamirukka Bayamey  movie became top in box-office from 2nd weeks and hold that top position for two weeks and shows good thriller and comedy treat for audience. Many of them told this like Hollywood animation movie ‘Hotel Pennsylvania’, but for me that was totally incorrect any how in this movie the thriller parts play only inside a hotel neither than everything are different.

Let we see the plot of this movie. Kiran who living with his girlfriend in Chennai and working as a telemarketer but he gets into trouble after one of his products has an opposite effect than what was intended, on the son of a local thug. Meanwhile he found a postal letter from his unknown biological father who left a bungalow property in a hill station town. Then Kiran decided to escape from his place due to problems with local don and he decided to relocate to his unknown biological father’s property bungalow in hill station. Later he went there and renovates the run down bungalow into a hotel with the help of a local caretaker Sharath. Then he started his business with her girlfriend, Sharath and Sarath’s Sister. Then one night a couple costumer came there as paid guest to his hotel later then next day morning they both died in the room on bed. The Kiran and his friends decided to bury the dead body in backyard to avoided police case and also this hotel gets bad reputation from customers. Like that each day customer who came to that hotel ware dead on evey next day they came.Baffled, Kiran tries to uncover the mystery behind the deaths, which eventually leads him to believe that the house is haunted. His suspicions are confirmed when things start going dead in the house, indicating some supernatural presence and when he discovers that the people who checked in to his hotel were all previous owners of the land and interestingly all dead themselves. Then they Kiran and Sarath dig the land where the body buried while checking everything was grave are empty. yb2

Then Kiran assume an old man who always looking the bungalow in strange way. Then Kiran looks asked to that old man about strange things happen in this hotel and then old man tells the old story of a woman who lived in this place, when it was bungalow. That a woman was a devil and kills the people who own this Bungalow because that devil thinks nobody own this house because it belong to her. Then that old man told that coming full moon day at mid-night you four will be kill by that devil-women. Then that full-moon day came on that night Kiran’s old enemy, local don of Chennai found Kiran’s living place and came to that hotel. The don asks for this house instead of return for the money he conned from him. Feeling pity for them, Kiran warns them about the evil spirit in this house. Not listening to Kiran, the don forces him to sign the papers for his house. Kiran and his friends are let go.  While they walking outside of the bungalow they see the spirits of the previous owners on their way out and that old owner’s sprit going inside the bungalow one by one. At last Kiran and friend shocks, by seeing the don and his men’s also became sprit and they also going inside to bungalow. And Kiran realise that that evil spirit kills the don’s men since it is midnight, Kiran and his group walk away by realising the evil women was maintain the time but killing the don and his mens.

This movie is totally a horror comedy movie with enough comedy and enough screams which makes a perfect entertainment to audience. And main applause goes to debutante director Deekay has secured a place for himself by given a best movie with different humour to Tamil audience. This type of movie is new for Tamil audience even though it became hit because of script, comedy dialogs, thriller cameraworks and thriller background music. For me I enjoyed this move with different different emotion in my face.


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This entry was posted on July 8, 2014 by in Comedy, Tamil Movie, Thriller.
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