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Kaaka Muttai




This is review is about 2015 Tamil drama “Kaaka Muttai” (Crow Eggs), revolves around two slum children of Chennai, India whose desire is to taste a pizza.

Brothers who where in slum, living with their grandmother and mother. Brothers where stopped schooling due to their father went to jail and financial problem. Then their job to collect & sell coal which is littered around rail roads. One day they saw an add of Pizza on TV which is coming around their area and brothers made goal to buy & eat pizza. They try to convince her grand mother to buy pizza but she cant afford it. Then their grand-mother tried to convinced kids by preparing similar like pizza (using dosa) but she failed to satisfy these boys.

Later brother plan to make and save money to buy pizza, then the started collected more coal. From their first attempt the security guard of pizza send them off due their ugly dressing. So they plan to buy new clothes and plan to make more money for pizza. On they second attempt they wore new modern dress and they got amount for pizza, while they go into pizza shop the shop manager slapped the elder brother send them off because of they are slum boys. That slap was caught be phone camera and it reaches to media and it became controversy talk in media as discrimination and violence against slum children. This controversy down the reputation of the pizza firm. So pizzeria’s owners who finally decide to publicly apologies to the slum kids and offered them eat pizza in that shop. Then the movie ends with brother enjoying their first pizza, while having younger brother tell the dosa-pizza which prepared by grand-mother is much taster that this pizza.

There is not much advisement for this movie while releasing in theater. The big publicity of this movie is Actor Dhanush and Director Vettrimarran produced this movie and this movie bangs many international award before releasing. Later this movie became hit with public talk.aa261-crow2begg

Kaaka Muttai is the world class movie which deserves for many awards, yes!  this movie got many awards world wide. The best part of this movie is the usually award movies will not attract by general audience, but this satisfy every one with good screenplay, dialog, children acting and cinematography. The director, writer and cinematographer M. Manikandan come up with a world-class subject with wonderful presentation on his debut movie.


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