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Don’t Breathe

z-dont-dreathWaiting for this movie for long time finally I watched. I didnt expect this movie reach this high. after it released in USA with good response then I come to know this is not b-rate movie is good crisply edited American horror film

This story starts with 2 guys and one girl who breaking into homes secured by one of guys father’s security company and selling the items they take. To make a final break the decided to break a blind mans house who is an army veteran living in an abandoned Detroit neighborhood has $300,000 in cash in his house, given as a settlement after a wealthy young woman, Cindy Roberts, killed his daughter in a car accident.

On night the break the house and disable the alarm. while breaking the looker blind man wake-up with the noise and and reach to the breaking place in one point he shot one guy. And remaining 2 reached to basement and found blind man gagged a woman in a homemade padded cell, who kills blind man’s daughter.

On one escape attempt blind guy accidentally shoot the gagged women. The blind guy chained the rob girl and inform that gagged women carrying his baby now she dead. He wants baby from the rob girl so she tried insert his sperm. And other guy banged him, and tried escape in that 2nd guy will get shot. Finally she fight with blind guy an took away 300,000 money escape from the house.

this movie is usual home invasion thriller movie. With interesting cinematography, crispy editing with good direction.


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